SpineMED® Decompression Therapy

How Does SpineMED® Decompression Work?

Constant pressure often keeps damaged intervertebral discs from fully healing. SpineMED®  decompression therapy helps reduce this pressure by gently separating the injured spine and allowing oxygen, fluids and nutrients to enter back into the injured discs. This fluid aids the body’s natural healing process speeds up repairs.

Stratford Chiropractic Center

Stratford Chiropractic guides you to wellness through SpineMED® Decompression Therapy as well as our other programs. Our friendly staff will lead you to your goals. You will start to see an improvement in your health and that bad groggy feeling will start to disappear. Regular strength training routines will be tailored to your preferences, abilities, and lifestyle.

SpineMED® Decompression Therapy x-ray example.

What is SpineMED® Decompression Therapy?

SpineMED® is the latest in decompression technology, designed to combat the limitations and side effects found in previous, similar devices. It is a non-surgical, drug-free procedure designed to treat:

  • Bulging and herniated discs
  • Radiating leg pain
  • Numbness in the arms
  • Sciatica
  • Spinal stenosis
  • Disc degeneration

Is SpineMED® Decompression Right For Me?

SpineMED® Decompression Therapy is designed for patients with constant pain caused by an injured lumbar or cervical spinal disc who are experiencing the above symptoms. It is not for those who:

  • Have instabilities of the spine or recent fractures
  • Have bilateral pars defects
  • Suffer from Gross osteoporosis
  • Have Spinal cancers or tumors
  • Have Surgical hardware in the targeted area of the spine
  • Are pregnant
  • Are under the age of 15
Targeted pain on a spine that is going to be treated with SpineMED® Decompression Therapy.

What Can I Expect at a SpineMED® Session?

SpineMED® Decompression Therapy is comprised of approximately 20 to 25 sessions, each around 30 minutes long. These sessions usually take place about three to five times a week across a period of four to six weeks. The procedure is safe, painless and performed while the patient is fully clothed. Each session works in tandem with the one before, helping to reduce pain and boost function over time.

To learn more about SpineMED® Decompression Therapy, call us or make an appointment. We can answer all of your questions and concerns and get you started on path to back wellness.

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