Auto Accident Treatment in Stratford

Auto Accident Treatment in Stratford CT

We offer the best service and auto injury treatment at Stratford Chiropractic Spine & Injury Center in Stratford. We treat your pain, stiffness and injury gradually with our expert staff. We also have short-term adjustments for relief.

Auto Accident Injuries

We use a whole body approach and top experts to make you feel comfortable again. Most patients feel relief after their very first auto injury accident treatment. In time, a course of adjustments works to completely eliminate your pain.

If you’ve recently been in a car accident, chiropractic care is an effective means for managing back pain, neck pain, whiplash-related pain and other health issues you may be living with. Thanks to our unique integrated approach to care, we help manage pain without the need for medication.

The Truth about Whiplash
Whiplash occurs when the force of a rear-impact auto accident “whips” your neck backward and forward. This force, which overstretches your ligaments, moves your cervical spine out of alignment, causing a serious impact on your health. Whiplash can cause chronic neck pain, back pain, headaches at the base of your skull, migraines, shoulder pain, stiffness, soreness and more. You may even have a difficult time sleeping at night or concentrating on work during the day.

Regardless, we understand how discouraging and frustrating auto accidents can be. That’s why we’re here.

Chiropractor Dr. Pesale has specialized certifications in the areas of whiplash and spinal trauma, neurology, impairment ratings and neurophysiological testing. He’ll work with you to correct the underlying case of your pain through gentle chiropractic care. In addition, he has therapists who will show you additional stretches or exercises to enhance your healing.

Are you wondering if our team can help you heal from your pain or discomfort? Contact us and let’s set up a time to discuss how chiropractic care can make a difference. Stratford Chiropractic Spine & Injury Center can combine our top chiropractic services to help you reach overall wellness.

The earlier you seek care, the more we can do to relieve your pain and prevent more serious issues. In auto accident cases, X-rays and MRIs help us see the precise damage done to your body. In addition, by combining chiropractic care with manual therapy, you can enhance your healing even further and get back to doing the things you love.

Contact us if you or a loved one has recently been in an auto accident. We are here to help you get the care you deserve so you can get back to living your life.

What Injuries Can Result From Auto Accidents?
Automobile accidents are extremely traumatic events often resulting in both physical and emotional injuries that can be very difficult to process. One of the most common injuries caused by an auto accident is whiplash, a sudden, forceful movement that causes the head to slam backward, forward or to the side. Whiplash results in a destabilization of the spine, which causes:

  • Blurred vision
  • Neck pain
  • Headaches
  • Dizziness
  • Shoulder pain
  • Reduced range of motion in the neck
  • Arm pain
  • Stiffness in the neck
  • Lower back pain

How Does Chiropractic Care Aid Auto Injuries?
The pain and stiffness resulting from a car accident can be so severe that the patient is unable to function normally. Luckily, chiropractors are trained to treat these severe neck, back and whiplash injuries, as well as aid soft tissue pain and injury. With the proper adjustments, pressure on the nerves and muscles is relieved and alignment is brought back to the spine. Additional auto injury treatment can help restore the patient’s full range of motion. These include:

  • Manipulation
  • Muscle relaxation and/or stimulation
  • Various exercises
  • Ergonomic and lifestyle changes
  • Corrective exercises

Do I Need Auto Injury Treatment?
Most people will visit the hospital after a serious car accident, but many people don’t understand that even a minor collision can result in soft tissue injuries that may lead to chronic arthritis. Pain following your accident is a good indicator that an injury has occurred. But even if you are experiencing no pain, it may still be a good idea to see a chiropractor as some pain and discomfort won’t surface until weeks or months after the accident. A good rule of thumb is to see a chiropractor within two weeks of any car accident for auto injury treatment.


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