Flexibility Exams in Stratford

Flexibility Exams in Stratford CT

Flexibility exams are a series of tests conducted at Stratford Chiropractic Spine & Injury Center in Stratford to form an initial assessment of your range of motion and pain level. We then periodically redo the test and measure results for improvement. We start with a muscle warm up and relax your muscles to prepare for the flexibility test.

Flexibility Exams:

  • Sit and Reach
  • Trunk Rotation
  • Stretching Tests and Measurements

Initial Pain Assessment

At Stratford Chiropractic, we will ask you where your pain is and proceed to investigate using our expertise. The first time you visit us we will give you a tour of the facility, take x-rays of your spine, perform the needed flexibility exams and do an initial assessment. We will talk about the condition of your spine and the current state that you are in. We will look for tender spots, tension, misalignment, and other factors with your neck and back.

When we conclude the initial assessment, we recommend an appropriate treatment plan based on your health goals. We will also recommend lifestyle changes, daily exercises, and stretches that work with our program. Our goal is to get you pain free and accelerate the process with supplemental techniques between visits. We want to get you on the right path to increasing your range of motion and total health.

Benefits of Flexibility Exams
Flexibility exams are a great indicator of improvement from where your body is currently at and the improvement of joint flexibility of a very healthy level.

Benefits of Flexibility Exams include:

• Prevention of future injuries
• Participation in everyday activities and sports with less pain
• Improved joint mobility
• Better circulation
• Flexibility Improvement
• Increased muscle strength
• Improved endurance


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