Chiropractic Care in Stratford

Chiropractic Care in Stratford CT

At Stratford Chiropractic Spine & Injury Center in Stratford, we believe the most productive treatment sessions follow an uninterrupted continuum from the beginning of the session to the end of the session. The one-on-one doctor/patient interface assures the best opportunities for attentive chiropractic care. Dr. Pesale believes strongly in the comprehensive benefits of one-on-one treatment. He administers specialized one-on-one chiropractic care to all of his patients.

One-on-One chiropractic care treatment is central to respect for the patient, and the patient’s expectation of privacy. Privacy fosters patient confidence in the treatment as well as better patient compliance with the basic tenets of the treatment plan. As well, the privacy benefit of one-on-one treatment aligns well with the necessary adherence to regulatory concerns over patient privacy, such as HIPPA.

We believe that a more trusting relationship between the doctor and patient is fostered by one-on-one care. A patient/doctor partnership is essential to the efficacy of ongoing treatment, and that trust is essential to the partnership.


Uninterrupted one-on-one treatment assures point to point (doctor and patient) communication without reinterpretation, filtering, confusion or compounding by other sources. The one-on-one interface assures pinpoint communication for an optimal course of treatment.

A treatment session must be a focused period of time in order to extract full benefit. One-on-one treatment assures a concentrated session with emphasis on the proper movements and techniques required in effective treatment.

Better Healing
Stratford Chiropractic believes that the combined one-on-one treatment benefits of attentive care, personalization in healthcare delivery, concentration, communication, and privacy during treatment all result in a much better outcome for the treatment plan than can otherwise be achieved without one-on-one treatment.


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