Physical Training in Stratford

Physical Training in Stratford CT

Physical training is an essential component of chiropractic care in Stratford and pain management. However, exercise doesn’t have to be a daunting undertaking. Oftentimes, beneficial movements and activities can be incorporated into daily routines. Many patients fear that physical training may increase pain, but it is often the lack of exercise that results in more pain.

The Benefits of Exercise in Managing Your Pain

The muscles and bones you use in support of your pain regions must be strong and capable of supporting motion and weight. If you can support the joint with stronger muscle that can endure throughout daily tasks, you can mitigate the pain.

Improved Outlook and Mindset
There is a biochemical benefit of exercise that improves mindset via the release of endorphins and other beneficial neuroactive chemicals. As well, exercise can be done alone, as time to yourself, or in a social group setting. Either way, it is great therapy.

Improved Blood Flow
Blood carries the oxygen and nutrients necessary for optimal function and, in many cases, healing.

The motion of exercise usually benefits your range of motion and can aid if maintenance or restoration of function is a goal of your program.

Exercising via Planned Sessions
This involves a specific time set aside to exercise with motions and activities designed to help strengthen surrounding tissues and/or speed healing. A good exercise session typically involves the following pieces of equipment:

  • Resistance training
  • Functional mobility assessments
  • Aerobic training
  • Flexibility training

Exercising via Daily Routine
Dr. Pesale can show you how exercise can be incorporated into your daily routines to help benefit your chiropractic care. Exercise, done properly, supports the benefit of chiropractic adjustments in many ways. Dr. Pesale will work with you to develop an approach to exercise which meets your individual needs.

Dr. Pesale will work with your to develop an approach to exercise which meets your individual needs.


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